The deregulation of the Texas electricity market allows companies other than your local utility compete for your business. Here's what you need to know about electricity deregulation:

  • Electricity deregulation in Texas became official on January 1, 2002.
  • Under deregulation, you can opt to purchase your electricity service from a Retail Electricity Provider (REP) that sources your electricity and sends you your bill.
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  • If you choose a new provider, your power is still transferred over the same power lines from the local utility. All that really changes is your electricity rate, your customer service and your bill.
  • Deregulation is under affect in most areas of Texas, but there are still some pockets that do not have the power to choose their own providers yet.
  • REPs compete on price, service and the ability to provide alternative services such as renewable energy.
  • Texas deregulation promotes competition among REPs, which in turn, spurs competitive pricing.
  • Since the introduction of deregulated electricity in Texas, many new providers have entered the market, giving you many options.
  • The Texas Public Utilities Commission continues to monitor and regulate the delivery of electricity to ensure all consumers are protected.
  • Many REPs offer promotions and loyalty plans that can help you save even more on your electricity bill.
  • There are providers that offer 100% renewable energy products that can help you reduce your carbon footprint while you save.

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