Did you know you may be one of millions of Texans that have the power to choose their electricity provider? Texas Electricity Choice, another way of saying Texas has a deregulated energy market, gives you that right.

Prior to 1995, one electric company managed the generation, transmission and distribution and retail sales of your electricity. Under deregulation, one company provides the transmission and distribution services (Transmission & Distribution Service Provider) and another provides the retail sales services (electricity provider).

Deregulation was designed to spark competition between companies so that consumers like yourself could benefit from lower electricity bills, alternative energy choices and innovative services. The Texas Public Utilities Commission (PUC) continues to monitor and regulate the delivery of electricity and ensure customers are protected.

Who has Electric Choice in Texas?

Most Texans have the power to choose their electricity provider; however in some areas competition is not available. The map below (provided by the Texas PUC) shows areas open to competition. If you have a question about whether you have the power to choose your electricity provider, enter your address to see which electric companies are available at your address.