Benefits of Fixed Rate Electricity Plans

Dealing with constantly changing electricity rates can be stressful. If the thought of waiting for your electricity bill makes you nervous, you may need a fixed rate contract plan.

With a contract electricity plan, you lock in a certain electricity rate for a stretch of time, unlike a variable rate plan that can that change month-to-month or seasonally to match the energy market wholesale price. You can pick from a variety of contract terms, including 6, 12 and 24 month plans.

Here are the primary benefits of choosing a fixed rate electricity plan:

  • An electricity bill that will not fluctuate wildly, since you are paying the same rate on the electricity you use each month.
  • The ability to protect yourself from rising electricity rates if you suspect energy prices will spike in the near future.
  • The security of knowing how much you will be paying for electricity for up to two years.

You can start comparing fixed rate electricity plans from different providers that serve your area when you enter your address on this page. With ElectricityTexas, your new service will start in just seven business days or less, so you can start saving almost immediately.